We are excited to announce an extensive new Affiliates promotion at 01VPS.net. Affiliates are now eligible to receive 50% of everything their referrals spend at 01VPS.net. That's right - HALF of everything your referrals spend is yours! If you are not already participating in the 01VPS.net Affiliates Program, simply login to your 01VPS.net Dashboard, click on Affiliates, then click on Activate Affiliate Account. Use your unique Affiliate URL to refer new users, and receive half of everything they spend at 01VPS.net.

As part of the expanded Affiliate Program announced above, 01VPS.net is also now allowing users to transfer account credits to another user account via support ticket. This enables users to "gift" their rewards and also creates an unofficial marketplace wherein Affiliates have an opportunity to monetize their rewards beyond 01VPS.net credits.

Monday, July 5, 2021

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