Attention all users: As continues to improve our service offering, we will be undergoing scheduled maintenance across all of our datacentres from September 7 to 10.

During the maintenance period, your VPS server will go offline for a period of approximately four to six hours. Any services, applications or masternodes you have running on your server will have to be restarted once maintenance has been completed. If you already have a cronjob to do this (`@reboot`), then your services, applications or masternodes will be restarted automatically once your VPS comes back online. If not, you will have to restart them manually yourself. We will keep you updated throughout the maintenance period so you know when your server will be available once again.

Please note - any users who have used the automatic 1-click recipe system already have a cronjob programmed to automatically restart their masternodes. You will likely have to restart your masternode(s) from your controller wallet(s), but no manual intervention on your VPS itself will be required.

Thank you for your understanding, and sorry for the inconvenience. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

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