Ápr 1st 01VPS.net Migration Sale

At 01VPS.net, we've been hard at work upgrading all of our servers to newer, faster, and more reliable hardware. We are celebrating the successful completion of our server migrations by offering up to 40% off new VPS rentals with our exclusive one-click masternode setup system featuring rapid-sync technology. For a limited time only... - Get 10% ... Több... »

Márc 13th All 01VPS.net server migrations now complete

The last 01VPS.net server migration was successfully completed today, as our Canadian server has been upgraded. New VPS packages on the upgraded Canadian server will start to be made available in the next day or two. Any IT professional will tell you that server migration day is nobody's idea of a good time. I'd like to give Evydder a warm round ... Több... »