How to configure your windows wallet for a 01coin masternode

1. Send 1000 coins to yourself
If you haven't done so already, install the windows wallet from Create a new receive address and call it something like MN1. Although I like to call mine the name of my server so it's easier to track which VPS each masternode is installed on.

Then send 1000 ZOC coins to the address you just created. Make sure the address receives EXACTLY 1000 coins, so DO NOT tick the "Subtract fee from amount" option. We now need to wait for 15 confirmations of the transaction so we'll get on with the remote VPS install.

2. PuTTY Install
If you haven't got any SSH client installed already, please download and run PuTTY from

3. Login to your new server
Using putty, login to your new server using the IP address and login details that were sent to you by email. now on the command line type:

tail -f /home/zocuser/01vpsmnlog.txt

If the install is still running, then you should see and watch as it performs the various tasks. When it's finished, youu'll see at the bottom a line of text which you need to highlight (highlighting in putty copies the text).

Paste the text somewhere safe for now, it will look like: 
Hostname f93n....3ikf TXID VOUT

In step 4 you'll get your TXID and VOUT.

4. Configure Windows wallet
Once the 1000 coins you sent earlier has 15 confirmations, you can grab your Transaction ID and VOUT (the VOUT is either 0/1). Go to the debug console and type:

masternode outputs

You'll see something like this:

"f5d4ec12b6ab68977eed84913255ea6685110e5f781e5e525a12bc2fd1c6b9d": "1"

The first part is your TXID - the second part is your VOUT. Now open up the masternode configuration file by clicking Tools -> Open Masternode Configuration File. Under all #'s put a new line and paste the line from the server:


Save and close the file. Make sure you have the masternode tab enabled in the settings by going to Settings->Options->Wallet->Show Masternode. Close and restart the wallet.

5. Start your Masternode
Now your windows wallet is configured, you can start your new masternode.

Start it by going to the masternode tab, right clicking on your masternode and choosing to "Start Alias".

6. Extra
The automatic installation script created a user account on your vps called "zocuser". The was created to run the 01coin daemon and with a randomly generated password. You can access this user account by first logging into root. You can switch directly to the zocuser account by typing the command:

su - zocuser

Or you can change the password to whatever you like by typing:

echo 'zocuser:newpassword' | chpasswd

Just change newpassword to whatever you like,

Thanks for choosing, if you have ANY problems or questions, please get in touch. Thanks!

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